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Address: 8730 Shady Rd, Bath, PA 18014     **     Phone: 610.837.0459

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Services we Provide

Below is a table of services we offer and the seasons in which the services are preformed. Different services are performed at various times of the year. A check in the Active column indicates that service is currently being offered at the present time.

Click the name of a service to learn more about it.

# Service Name Season Active?
1Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control / FertilizerEarly Spring
1DSecond Application of Crabgrass ControlSpring
2Spring Weed and FeedSpring
3Surface Insect ControlSummer
4Fall Weed and FeedFall
5Turf FoodFall / Winter
6Grub ControlSpring
FA1Fall AerationFall
SA1Spring AerationSpring